My Daughter took over the Onaping Falls art show!
  •  09/05/2023 10:13 AM

local artist from The Onaping Falls Art Club put on a show.

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Dot Mandala Class was a SUCCESS!
  •  12/04/2023 09:15 PM

Jack Williamson dives into the process of Mandala making. Photo posted with mom's permission.

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"Bonnie's Camp" delivering a finished painting with love
  •  24/02/2023 07:06 PM

Making meaningful art is my hearts purpose. I am in my studio in my mind each and everyday… artist, you feel me? We created an annual women’s retreat in Biscotasting, Ontario once a summer. Over 25 women gathered. I truly believe Circles of Women Can Change the World. This year, Bonnie hosted us at her camp. I was compelled to create an origional painting as an act of gratitude. Fast forward 6 months later I had the opportunity to hand deliver this painting "Bonnie's Camp". to the one and only Bonnie. I saw tears in her eyes as she viewed the painting for the first time in real life. We enjoyed uplifting conversation over gourmet coffee, her feedback felt like diamonds. The rush of hand delivering my work, with love, diamonds all day.

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The power of Being a Girl
  •  02/02/2023 06:08 AM

I attended the YWCA Women of Distinction Awards. It was an honour to witness real women in my communtiy making real impacts.

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Earth Art @ the Levack/Onaping Library
  •  18/01/2023 05:26 AM

Learn to connect with nature by exploring art with the elements. Participants learn about design using found objects in our environment. Ideal for all ages. All materials and instructions will be provided.

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live painting in Levack
  •  10/05/2022 05:20 AM

My first artist in residency... a collabration with the Onaping/Levack Library and the ArtClub. Join me this week in the library for live painting, a mini exibition of my work, and Mandala making demos

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Come and see me paint live!
  •  02/05/2022 06:04 AM

I will be creating healing mandalas live at the Onaping Library. Come and see me to learn more about the power of Mandala!

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Make a plan for the business side of your art
  •  28/02/2022 06:45 PM

Make a plan for your art business and stick to it.

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When your art sparks joy
  •  01/03/2021 01:25 PM

had a dream about my commission project and jumped in!

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Infusing your art practice with intention
  •  10/02/2020 02:25 PM

"Vincent Fishing Stage" acrylic, pastel, shaving cream, glue on reclaimed canvas 2022 Angelina 24x24

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