09 May

The Onaping Falls Art Club got together at the Legion in Levack to set up our big Spring art show.  We had been painting and planning for this event with so much intention.  I had my three littles with me to help set up the show. 

My youngest Vienna slipped one of her original drawings on to an esel before we left...  

When I woke up the morning of the show I felt calm and ready.   Usually I am terrified on opening day of one of my art shows.  

We had over 65 guests come to see our latest works.  A diverse spectrum from graphite, silk screen, sculpture, pastel, acrylics, oil, watercolour, and colour pencil.  The location couldn't be better as the Legion hosted our event in their upstairs space, thanks John.  The wonderful Maureen tended bar, cookies and light snacks were served.   

It was great to see people share in their love of viewing original art.  Our community was grateful for the members who worked hard to put the show together and keep it local.  It is so nice to see original art from artists right here in Onaping.   Galleries can be hard to get to if you don't travel often. 

On a personal note.  I was a little taken aback to see Vienna's work was STILL on the esel that morning and the show was already open.  I was very GRATEFUL my club let it stay in the gallery.  The seeds of manifestation have been planted and we are growing an artist for life.   

Final note, It was an amazing feeling getting to know the members of my club a little better. 

See you at the next show. 

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